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*eyes the rather uncoordinated mess* I am pretty sure this account was meant to be a home for all things Fan Fiction-y, but the tags look anemic and I think I'm missing some of the older posts altogether. *pokes piles*

The six year absence really doesn't help clear up just what I was planning, but I suppose it doesn't matter. Plans made and not followed through don't count for a hill of beans (words?) in this crazy world, so I shall redefine things forthwith!

1. This shall be a journal focusing on Fandom things.
2. Nothing shall be locked, because lo, there is no reason to if #1 is true.

At this point I can't think of any other rules. *ponders*

It looks like I still have a metric ton of old imported LJ posts to wade through and unlock (or delete), which may be why my tags numbers are so tiny. That will be a project for after I get the fan fiction archives are synced up (I still have 150+ fics awaiting formating, posting, and AO3'ing. *facepalm*)

I wonder if any of the old challenge comms are still running...

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I started trying to sort and organize the Harry Potter fan fiction and I realized a scary thing... There is a LOT more fic hidden out there than I thought. A lot of the stuff wasn't tagged properly, but I only ever posted it to LJ and DW neither of which seem to have a decent journal search feature. (Unless I'm missing something?)

So... yeah. As I find things I'm fixing the tags and making copies to Ao3, Google Docs, and to, but I'm worried that I won't find it all. There are also some draft fics that never made it to a finished version that I'm poking at. Part of me worries that I've been out of the fandoms so long that anything I write will be wildly OOC... but then I remember some of the highly rated fics where everyone acts like pre-teen girls and I realize it doesn't matter. ;)

Oh well, at least it means I'm paranoid enough about archiving now that I'll be more careful going forward!

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Because my life is my life and I am a reorganizing fool, I've been on a project to move all of my fan fiction over into archive at and into my Google Drive. Just in case. For reasons.

Ignoring my inability to get past the idea that digital files aren't somehow inherently more fragile than paper ones, it's been a fun ride sorting through all of the old fic. I had this odd idea that I'd written a lot less than I had, mostly because of bad archiving habits, and there are a whole mess of WiPs that seem so much more enticing now...

Which I blame on the fact that I'm trying to work on non-fanfic stories. But anywho.

I've been spending hours reading other folk's fan fiction over on Ao3, it's time I start contributing as well as consuming again. *rolls up sleeves* There have to be drabble challenge comms still, right? Heck, if there aren't I'll just start my own! :)

Now let's see if I've gotten the LiveJournal crossposting set up correctly...
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It was announced today that City of Heroes and the entire Paragon Studios team is ceasing to exist come November 30th.

That game was my first real foray into MMORPGs and although I left it for WoW, it still stands out as a fond gaming memory.

I had (almost literally) one of everything... fire tanks, corruptors, healers, scrappers, and my favorite tiny bat-winged Mastermind. I played with SuperGroups, battled up to somewhere in the 40s and had a full stable of alts.

I loved playing in the costume designer, creating names and back-stories-- the RP side of the MMORPG was alive and kicking and I loved it.

And now it's gone. *sighs*

I hope I never, ever, have to live through this for WoW... (CoH was posting new content as of Aug 21st, so this closure came out of nowhere for the fans.)

Rollcall for the Lost 
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Apparently the LiveJournal cross-posting plugin for WordPress died a horrible death... back in June.


So I'll be working on getting that sorted out today. And then I have to decide how much of the old cross-posting needs to be, err, crossposted.

Darnit, I need to sort out my social media channels better. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LJ, DW, Model Horse Blab, etc. ... The internet is way too much work! :p
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Does World of Warcraft counts as a fandom? *shifty eyes*

And now back to working on my nine thousand Stargate WIPS... aaany second now.
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I have been turtling recently --and by recently I mean 'Since last August'-- but am trying to focus on peeling myself away from the computer and back into productive hobbies. (I love WoW, but it needs to become less of an obsession and more of a pastime. Spending every evening and every weekend doing one thing isn't good, even if it's something I really enjoy. Variety is the spice of life, and whatnot!)

So this blog will become a bit more active (and interactive) in the near future. I'll be crossposting from my other blogs (Everyday Dragons, Unquiet Bones, Dreamwidth, etc) so this will once against become Martha Central, they way it used to be. Filters will still be in place, so you should only see what you want to see.. and if you want to see less (or more!) just drop me a line and I will change your filter settings.

So, erm, tldr = Moar Posts Soon. ^_~
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1. Write an actual LiveJournal post.
1a. That is not a list.
1b. Even if I think it's a rather witty bit of silly... On that note. *wanders off to read Skippy's List*

2. Find my desk again.
2a. Attempt to figure out -why- I have a desk. (Seriously, I don't think I've ever used it, what is it's purpose? Other than to pile clothes on...)

3. Post a review to Online Writing Workshop (maybe two)

4. Write 750 words of Silverwitch that are not 'jumping ahead to the fun bits', so as to get back on track with actually posting something.

5. Attempt to construct better plans on building a replacement fence gate beyond 'well, it's square-ish and has hinges'
5a. Go to Lowes.
5b. Realize that 'sorry the saw is broken' is apparently the default, not the exception.
5c. Realize that 8' of 2x4 will not fit in either car.
5d. Do not engage in creative cursing, although somewhat justified by the fact the lumber clerk look at me like I had two heads when I asked for 2x4x6 treated lumber. I R GRL, I CAN2 BUILDZ STUF! Rar.

6. Restock kitchen fuds, so that 'what's for dinner' is 'salad' not 'I dunno, pizza?' *sighs*
6a. Have a Egg McMuffin for breakfast because I am too lazy to shop twice.
6b. Read wrapper.
6c. Realize Egg McMuffins have 370 calories.
6d. Vow to clean enough to get on the treadmill and take back some of the Stupid.

7. Clean stuff around treadmill.
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I can't have a story without an icon! It's against a law! Somewhere! I think! Heh ^_~;;;

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I am linking this here and on Facebook because as a company voice you really shouldn't say 'but she might be lying' when someone voices a pretty detailed account of how you refuse to give them their money back.

In fact you can think it all you want, but you don't SAY 'but she might be lying' when defneding your company in comments.

Or anywhere else, really. *not amused*

Followed a link from [ profile] marthawells which led to...

From Mary Robinette Kowal -- My very bad experience with
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Semi-final drafts, will do some more poking tonight and see what changes. Hmm. *pokes* Thoughts anyone? Too far off prompt? Still too vague to fit the fandom?

TITLE: For All The Years That Do Us Harm / And These Cold Comforts Warm
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
LENGTH/RATING: 200 words (paired drabbles), PG, Gen
SUMMARY: Hurt and Comfort. Written for sga_flashfic: The H/C Challenge.

For All The Years That Do Us Harm

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And These Cold Comforts Warm

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"STARGATE ATLANTIS", "STARGATE SG1" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and © by MGM TELEVISION and DOUBLE SECRET PRODUCTION in association with GEKKO FILMS and THE SCIFI CHANNEL. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.

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Ah, got-it... *scribbles maddly*

For All The Years That Do Us Harm

Draft 1
Wordcount: 152 WIP
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Draft 2
Wordcount: 116
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Draft 3
Wordcount: 100
Read more... )


And These Cold Comforts Warm

Draft 1
Wordcount: 106 WIP
Read more... )

Draft 2
Wordcount: 100 WIP
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Draft 3
Wordcount: 100 WIP
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*sheepish look*

Well, here's a New Week's resolution (since we're nowhere near a New Year *cough*) to get off my duff and start drabbling again.

We'll see how it goes. *crosses fingers*

For drabble prompts we currently have:

sga_flashfic: H/C Challenge
snape100: Challenge #295: "Snape and Mythology"
dw100: Challenge #264: Third Doctor Titles
hp100: Sprains, Strains, and Abrasions
dw100: Fallout

For the moment I'm leaning towards the dw100 since I've just finished watching Children of Earth, but we shall see. *pokes muses*

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The same things my dogs do... nap in the air conditioning. ^_~ heh
khriskin: (FollowYourMuse) 1989 old. >.<;; (an random issues up through 1995)

But I don't want to just toss them if anyone else wants them. I've got, erm, lots, so if you'd like a time warp in the mail, just lemme know and I'll throw one in the mailbox for you. Comments are screened, so just drop me an addy and I'll send one out tomorrow. :) If/when/if I run out I'll update this post.

If you want more than one, or if you want to know which issues I have, drop me a comment. Otherwise it's random draw on which one you get. ^_~ heh
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I've decided to test out DreamWidth (of which I am uncommonly fond, hence the paid account) by copying my fan fiction over. So there will be a bit of maneuvering --as I have enough drabbles to choke several dragons-- which should prove interesting. I'm also going to crosspost all WIP fics and related ramblings, since if DW flies well (and it's already pretty kickass for just being in Open Beta!) I'll be moving all of the fanfic there for simplicities sake.

Now this doesn't mean I'm leaving LiveJournal, as my friends are all still here (for the moment! ^_~ heh) but that I'll have both journals up and running and reading my flist on both.

I've already imported my flist (although there won't be any locked content on DW) and I've added those of you I know have DW accounts already. If anyone has one I've missed, please let me know! And if anyone would like an invite code, I'll give a yell as soon as I have some. ^_^

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TITLE: Health to the Company
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
TIMELINE: Set post "Enemy at the Gate"
LENGTH/RATING: 229 words, PG-13, Gen
SUMMARY: FADE TO BLACK. Written for [ profile] sga_flashfic's Drunken/Alcohol Challenge. (On [ profile] sga_flashfic here

He never meant to come home again. )
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Normally I'm up at Mom's avec Ben and Jerry's (or suitable substitute) and a movie (ahhh, Cold Comfort Farm ^_^) kicking back and relaxing the holiday old school. Or new school. Or whatever. *sighs*

Instead we'll be making a run up and back to Northern VA tomorrow, hitting Mom's in the morning and then hooking up with Dad and Assorted Cousins of Awesomeness(tm) in the afternoon/evening and then driving home.

All because I wanted/needed/could-not-live-without dogs (and I suck at finding anyone to petsit).


I still think they were a good idea. *pats a fuzzy head with her toes* *ignores Glare of Death from the cat* Ah furkids. ^_~ Hehehehe

So today I am attempting to think up An Awesome Gift of Awesomeness(tm) and failing. Which is more or less par for the course, I am not well-versed in the art of finding things other people love. Thus I make them pick. MWAHAHAHA! Achem. Yes.

So I am coming up with a mint tea recipe to replace Diet Coke as my One True Love(tm) because I am sick of looking at ingredients lists on things and trying to figure out which random ingredient will kill me next. :P So sugar, milk, mint extract, and Lipton Tea it is! *fiddles with the recipe*

Anywho, happy holidays to one and all, no matter what the holiday's be!
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The semester ended yesterday at midnight leaving me with either two A's and a B or two B's and a A depending on an ungraded assignment. Either way, I'm more than pleased and insanely glad that it's over!

Which means I now have an approximately two week break where I have no work and no school... and hopefully I can figure out an order to my life that doesn't including staying up until midnight, sleeping in until 10am, and getting nothing done. *sighs*

It's like freshman year in college all over again! ^_~;;;

Anywho lofs of hugs to my abandoned f'list and I will try and get back into the flow of LJ things! *pokes her fanficitves who curse interesting curses and demand to remain in hibernation* I hope. >.<;;;
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From here:

Gate Team 5 stared at the towel racks for a long thoughtful moment, abandoned by their native guide who had not quite ditched them in the middle of an alien jungle. An alien jungle that apparently knew how to accessorize.

"What do you suppose he meant by 'explosive growth'?"

Several fun-filled hours later they mastered the art of telling dead-and-thus-safely-inert seedpods from attractively-packaged-leafy-green-bundles-of-death. Actually, Matt had mastered the art of setting-off-explosions-from-a-distance-with-inappropriate-amounts-of-amusement, and Amy was working on poking-things-with-a-very-long-stick, in the hopes of securing a pinecone containing screws and not squirrels. Or whatever they were calling the bright orange rodents with a taste for metal and a nasty possessive streak. (Gate Team 5 had learned to stop suggesting names for wildlife in their mission reports, it just made Sam sigh heavily and pull out her red pen.)

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