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*eyes the rather uncoordinated mess* I am pretty sure this account was meant to be a home for all things Fan Fiction-y, but the tags look anemic and I think I'm missing some of the older posts altogether. *pokes piles*

The six year absence really doesn't help clear up just what I was planning, but I suppose it doesn't matter. Plans made and not followed through don't count for a hill of beans (words?) in this crazy world, so I shall redefine things forthwith!

1. This shall be a journal focusing on Fandom things.
2. Nothing shall be locked, because lo, there is no reason to if #1 is true.

At this point I can't think of any other rules. *ponders*

It looks like I still have a metric ton of old imported LJ posts to wade through and unlock (or delete), which may be why my tags numbers are so tiny. That will be a project for after I get the fan fiction archives are synced up (I still have 150+ fics awaiting formating, posting, and AO3'ing. *facepalm*)

I wonder if any of the old challenge comms are still running...

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