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I started trying to sort and organize the Harry Potter fan fiction and I realized a scary thing... There is a LOT more fic hidden out there than I thought. A lot of the stuff wasn't tagged properly, but I only ever posted it to LJ and DW neither of which seem to have a decent journal search feature. (Unless I'm missing something?)

So... yeah. As I find things I'm fixing the tags and making copies to Ao3, Google Docs, and to, but I'm worried that I won't find it all. There are also some draft fics that never made it to a finished version that I'm poking at. Part of me worries that I've been out of the fandoms so long that anything I write will be wildly OOC... but then I remember some of the highly rated fics where everyone acts like pre-teen girls and I realize it doesn't matter. ;)

Oh well, at least it means I'm paranoid enough about archiving now that I'll be more careful going forward!

*rolls up sleeves and gets back to work* This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

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