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"Oh not again."

Their local guide looked over at Rodney in alarm, "What do you mean 'again'?"

"This always happens," Rodney gestured angrily at the cave-in that had sealed off the glacial crevice in front of them, "Every time, without fail--"

"Well, there was that one time--" John cut in.

"What? When?"

"The planet with the sparkly-- things," John waved a hand vaguely, "you know, the one with the trees?"

"Didn't you get kidnapped on that one?" Ronon was checking the icefall for handholds and the guide could have sworn the runner had been out of earshot.

"By /kindergardeners/," John sniffed, "doesn't count if I can't fight back."

(to be continued... dun, dun, DUN!)
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TITLE: Raccoon: A Journey to the East*
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
SUMMARY: In which John takes a spiritual walkabout to heart... and drags the rest of the team along with him. Because you really can't put a raccoon on a leash. Even if you do give it to Ronon. Seriously. *nods solemnly*
NOTES: Homage to Journey to the West and it's many translations.

Part 1 : In Which Rodney is Alarmed, Ronon is Amused, and Teyla has Second Thoughts

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TITLE: Five for Silver, Six for Gold
FANDOM: Peter Pan
AU: Too Old For Neverland
SUMMARY: Rough start to something, not sure yet where it is leading.

There is something in the shadows. She can't see it, not quite, just the hint of something that doesn't belong. Behind her John and Greg wait, silent and still as the shadow-that-isn't. After a moment the feeling fades and Wendy straightens, frowning at the spot where it had been.

"What was it?" Greg still has his gun up and pointed at the empty space. They know better than to bring lights so he's just another shadow in the darkness.

"Who was it?" John's been with her longer and knows what is never as important as who.

She ignores both of them, focusing on tracking down the faint taste of other. When she finally finds it, sandalwood and lime, she curses in a language she's forgotten she knows. "It's Odelina."


Greg is beginning to grate on her; he asks too many rhetorical questions and she's used to silence. She'll talk to Beck when they get back, there must be other things they can have him do.

"Wen," the voice over the headset is just loud enough for her to hear, pitched well below the normal ranges. "Red team bagged two stragglers, looks like the rest of the nest is long gone."

Which meant someone had warned them. Again. Only this time the list of suspects was down to one. He'd already holstered his gun by the time she turned, meeting her gaze with the same faint smile he used whenever she caught him in a lie.

"You still need me."

She was tempted to point out that he'd be just as useful bound into a dog instead, but Greg was taking the abrupt change in conversation badly.

"That's not--" The gun wasn't quite pointed at John, but it was close enough. She took it from him before he noticed she was moving.

"It is and it isn't," she flicked the safety on and handed it back to him. "Why don't you go help Warren." She had never been good at subtly, but he reluctantly took the cue and headed back out of the warehouse.

"In all honesty, what did you expect me to do?" It was still John's voice, but the inflections were Roxanne's. "Letting you slaughter my relatives was never part of the bargain."

"No, it's not."


PETER PAN is possibly still under copyright to Sir James Matthew Barrie and the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, but apparently it depends on who you ask. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied.

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TITLE: Lessons of History
FANDOM: Harry Potter
LENGTH: 100 words (drabble)
TIMELINE: Post-war, pre-books
CHALLENGE: [ profile] snape100 Challenge #137: Snape, the Death Eater
SUMMARY: Why Snape thinks Good is Dumb.

Everyone thought it was about Lily, )
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This is just a random bit of fic, I'll expand it tomorrow, but wanted to get the plotbunny out of my brain so I can sleep. ^_^;;

TITLE: The One Constant
FANDOM: StarGate Atlantis

McKay: Conflict is the natural state of the universe.
Beckett: *looking up from work* What?
McKay: I said, conflict is the natural state of the universe.
Sheppard: Is this one of those philosophical 'change is the only constant' discussions? Because I remember the last one and I'm not staying up till 3am just to listen to you three argue over the definition of 'is'.
Beckett: Well he's right you know, at least biologically.
Sheppard: There's a difference between eating dinner and fighting wars.
Zelenka: Not to the rabbit
McKay: You eat rabbits?
Zelenka: It was a figure of speech.
Sheppard: Not to the rabbit. *pause* What?
Beckett: And this helps our situation how?
McKay: Perspective. Once this is done, you know something else will pop up. You're never going to have your happy ever after, so why worry?
Sheppard: You have a very narrow view of happily every after.
McKay: *snort*
Sheppard: How about happily in the meantime? I hear they got in a new shipment of supplies from home.
McKay: Jell-O?
Sheppard: See? Happily in the meantime.

And with that they retired to the cafeteria.
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This wasn't right. Will eyed the offered plate and then blearily squinted at Elizabeth in suspicion. He could have sworn she was furious earlier, yet here she was offering him a plate of something as a peace offering. This definitely wasn't right. He tried a little more urgently to recall more than the foggy memories of the disaster that had been breakfast. There had been rum. Lots of rum. Gallons and gallons of-- no wait, he was getting distracted again. Her smile was starting to look more predatory and he squirmed. Rum, yes, there had been rum and then a headache. A rather painful headache. And she'd been there opening windows and rattling pots and... he had said something. Definitely predatory now. Having come up with nothing he slid into his best innocent smile and took one of the offered... things. They were small and round and covered with a powered sugar and smelling faintly of-- wait, she'd baked him cookies?

He glanced over at Jack who was staring at the proffered plate with dawning horror. The Captain seemed near tears and Will had never seen him that upset since Elizabeth had set an island on fire and... Oh.

He looked at the cookie in his hand mournfully. Elizabeth was getting a tad vindictive lately.

(Looking for more fanfic/fantasy/scifi/poetry/etc to read? Then check out The Unforgotten Country!
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Snape watched the antics of the Sorting Hat with thinly veiled antagonism. It was bad enough that the worn-out thing did its traditional song and dance routine, but that bloody pause after every single child! His stomach growled unhappily and his scowl deepened. Slytherins rarely took any time at all, but the Merlin-be-dammed Gryffindor-Ravenclaw waffling. He absently ran his finger along the rim of his wineglass. It wasn't like the houses were a secret; surely the first years could be a little more prepared, a little more decisive. He realized his gaze had wandered and he was glaring directly at one of the first year Gryffindors. The girl was hardly more than a shadow under the puff of hair, yet she wasn't as cowed as he would have expected. He was rather proud of his reputation and slightly unsettled by the subdued reaction. With a sniff, he refocused on a helpless second year Hufflepuff which blanched and tried to hide behind its seatmates. Much better.
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Snape glared at McKay. McKay glared at Snape. Like a warped Yin-Yang symbol the two verbaly circled each other. From the moment the scientist had stepped foot in Hogwarts, things had rapidly gone downhill. The initial excitement of the student body had evaporated after several students were rushed to the hospital wing for sarcasm poisoning. The current class nervously watched the two battle over a simple healing potion.

"You have got to be kidding me! Three times counter-clockwise, what kind of nonsense is that. It's chemistry not fairy dust." McKay made a face at the bubbling cauldron on the table in front of him. "And lime green is such a subjective color, it could be teal in the right light."

"No," snarled the Potions Master between gritted teeth, "it's magic you idiot." Snape snatched the wooden spoon out of McKay's hand before he could give the liquid an experimental poke. "This is a school for magic, not chemistry or biology or whatever other mindless ways you muggles have categorized the world."

Rodney snorted. "Magic? Hardly." He ignored the now furious potions master to peer closer at the bubbling goo. "At best it's some sort of psuedo-science. Isn't that why I'm here? You need help and you won't admit it." He picked up the nearest piece of wood to poke the mixture, and paused at the horrified gasp from the student he had borrowed it from.

"Give me that!" Snape reached out for the wand, but Rodney had already backed out of reach.

"This is a wand, right?" He looked over at the student and Neville nodded palely. "So if I say 'Shazam' it should work, right?" Neville's eyes widened and he glanced at Snape for help. The potion master, however, had folded his arms and was merely glaring at the scientist. Uncertain, the student nodded. "Shazam!" Rodney waved the wand dramatically, and after a moments pause, shrugged. "See, it's just a stick."

A thunderous bolt of lightning struck the school moments later.
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Title: The Princess Bride - A Ranma 1/2 Production : Part I
Author: Martha (and cat) & E. Bryan Rumph
Fan Fiction: Princess Bride and Ranma 1/2
FanFic Subset: None.
Draft: Final
Current Word Count: 718
Last Edit: 08/26/99
Author’s Note: Never really got around to finishing this fic, but I suppose I should. I'll have to dig around a bit and see if I can't find the script. *brushes the dust off of her files*

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Title: HuntCat
Author: Martha (and cat)
Fan Fiction: Gen X
FanFic Subset: HuntCat
Draft: Final
Current Word Count: 1559
Last Edit: 12/19/96
Author’s Note: This is the old version (obviously), and needs to be rewritten. HuntCat started off as a one-shot oddity, but is now a six-story arc that it still in-progress. But for now… into the archive! *grin*

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