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I have the horrible urge to write fan fiction for things I've never actually seen thanks to some awesome fics over on AO3. I keep smushing those urges down because SERIOUSLY MUSES, NO BISCUIT.

Add to that the messy messy piles of Stargate Atlantis AUs that I am trying to triage and I'm starting to think that fandom canon is really only a launching block for me. I take the idea and the rough outline of the fictives and run. (Sentient Atlantis gets ALL the love. *solemn nod*)

Which is really not the best habit in a fan fiction writer. *sighs*

I'd blame the DayQuil, but these plot bunnies have been around for a decade now so... yeah. (I also really want to give up and rewrite a version of In Dreams of Trees so it's an actual SG:A fic instead of an odd homage to one.)

Anywho, back to formatting and archiving and driving the poor tag minders over on AO3 nuts. *rolls up sleeves and gets back to updating* This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

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