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Doctor Who
  • It was timey-wimey, a jumbled ball of quantum string that humans had to take on faith. (Photographs and Kerosene) *Spoilers for "The Fires of Pompeii"
Harry Potter
  • It's one thing to be born a wizard in a wizarding family, quite another to have muggle parents and a muggle world. (HC SVNT DRACONES)
Stargate Atlantis
  • It's the what-ifs that snare him, creeping into those empty hours when most of the city sleeps. (Of Butterflies and Men)
  • It's never 'just dreams' to a medical board, even when night terrors are par for the course in Atlantis. (Till Morning)
  • Open the box, the blue, blue box, and out spills Jack and the Doctor and Martha all laughing and happy and glad to be home and-- (Dreams and Nightmares)
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The following are the first lines from all of the original fiction postings from the May 2008. These are friends-locked posts sorted under my Writing filter, as I have no desire to spam those on my flist who aren't interested. *grin*

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Note: The number is the date of the entry and the stuff in parenthesis is the genre and/or working title of the universe in which the story snippit took place.


29 - Cassian was the first were Matt had ever really met. (Realworld/Urban Fantasy; Everyday Wolves)
28 - "So," David eyed the assembled teenage caped crusaders with something akin to alarm, "I don't suppose anyone outside of the fictitious Iron Man is concerned about PPE?" (Realworld/Urban Fantasy)
27 - "I only bit him a little." (Real-world/Urban Fantasy)
26 - When the ship left, four Advisors remained behind. (Blackguards and Plaster Saints)
25 - Liz carefully surveyed her reflection in the mirror, it wasn't often that she got a chance to prepare for a first contact. (Science Fiction, Apocafic!)
20 - Twin Ponds was a tiny town, but it had always been tiny; little more than a collection of houses in the midst of unbounded prairie. (Science Fiction; Blackguards and Plaster Saints)
16 - Oracle jars are a living necromancy; half stasis pod, half organic computer. (Horror/Dark Fantasy; Rise and Walk)
14 - "Tell me a story." (MuseFic)
13 - "I can't believe I let you talk me into this." (Realworld/Urban Fantasy)
12 - Highways wound through the abandoned countryside like fractures, carving the land into easily defined territories. (Science Fiction)
11 - "Kindly put that down and step away from the particle accelerator." (Fantasy/Superhero)
10 - Loss is something you can't escape on the plains. (Fantasy)
9 - Oddly enough, battling evil didn't seem to actually require any combat skills. (Urban Fantasy; Tales of the Drunken Unicorn)
8 - He isn't a man yet --isn't real in the eyes of the Family-- so when he follows them into the caves, they say nothing. (Horror/Dark Fantasy)
7 - Wynne wasn't sure what she'd expected, after all she'd never been out of the city back in her world, but it certainly wasn't the rambling white-washed expanse of the Sheppard's compound. (Fantasy; The Nine Kingdoms)
6 - "It's been three days, we should have heard something by now, right?" (Urban Fantasy; Everyday Wolves)
5 - For the first week they were awake, the ship's inhabitants simply let them wander. (Science Fiction; Blackguards and Plaster Saints)
4 - "Did it occur to anyone to at least check and see if I was still breathing?" (Urban Fantasy)
3 - "So this is a dream." (Urban Fantasy; Everyday Wolves)
2 - A story isn't supposed to start with 'And they all lived happily ever after'. (Fantasy)
1 - Jack sat in the beanbag chair in Sam's dorm room watching her gather what appeared to be completely random items. (Urban Fantasy; Tales of the Drunken Unicorn)


These snippits are copyright Martha McMahon Bechtel and may not be reproduced or distributed without express permission. All rights reserved.
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TITLE: Dreams and Nightmares
FANDOM: Torchwood
LENGTH/RATING: 100 words, PG
PAIRING/WARNINGS: Ianto/Jack, Semi-spoilers for Doctor Who, Series 3: "Last of the Time Lords" and Torchwood Series 1: "End of Days"
SUMMARY: Pandora's Hope and Orpheus's Eurydice... Some things are worth the price. Written for [ profile] tw100 challenge 77: Open.

Open the box, the blue, blue box... )
khriskin: Doctor Who Icon (Doctor Who)
TITLE: Photographs and Kerosene
FANDOM: Doctor Who
LENGTH/RATING: 100 words, PG
SHIPS/WARNINGS: Spoilers for Tenth Doctor, Series 4: "The Fires of Pompeii"
SUMMARY: Written for [ profile] dw100 Challenge #200: Rome/roam.
Cut for possibly spoilery Notes and Drabble. )

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