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One of nice things about the whole LiveJournal implosion was that I've started playing around on Dreamwidth again and that means challenges comms! Of course finding said communities is slightly more of a slog that I'd anticipated. In order to keep track of what I've found (and when they post challenges), I've started the list below.

Please let me know if you know of any active prompt communities! I'm primarily looking for things that aren't limited to one fandom (or limited to fan fiction). Thanks! :)

Last Updated: 05/02/2017 Daily Prompt. Daily prompts, any fic. The Weekly Drabble Zone. Prompts posted Saturday, any fic 100 Words. Prompts posted on Tuesday, any fic. Fandom Weekly. Prompts posted on Wednesday and due by Monday. Fanfic only. Froday Flash Fiction Challenge. Challenges posted on Fridays, fanfic only. Original Fiction Bingo Challenge. Cards given out monthly, no fanfic. Doctor Who One Hundred Weekly prompts, Doctor Who fanfic only. Fan-Flashworks. Semi-weekly prompts, fanfic only. Stargate Altantis Flashfiction. No current prompts, but amnesty on all old prompts and this was my one true prompt comm love, so I refuse to not include it! ;) SGA fanfic only. Rainbow Fiction. Challenge lists always open, no fanfic. Monthly Challenge Super Go! Monthly prompts, any fic. Get Your Words Out. Yearly writing group, opens in January. (I'll have to wait till next year for this one)

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