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I'm currently testing out NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster on my WordPress blog to crosspost the fun stuff over here. It looks like it might be a bit of a pain (formatting-wise), but I've got my fingers crossed. (EDIT: Strike that. I can't get the plugin to format things even close to properly, so I'm going to crosspost by hand. Or write a plugin, I suppose. *adds to to-do list*)

It looks like I've got some duplication to clear out with the older posts, but that's to be expected. On to the new!

As I mentioned in the blog post this morning I'm going to be trying to keep better track of my time (and what I do with it) here. So I'll swinging by and posting 'thus went the day' summary every day for at least the next week. Who knows, maybe I'll figure out how to grown-up for sure this time! ;)

More on what I accomplished today under the cut!

  • Printing out the new daily planner (just one week's worth)
  • Daily logging (stop every 30min and make notes)
  • Food shopping
  • Blog Posts (Etsy post, SSP post, testing crossposting, this post ;) )
  • Etsy reorg planning - lots of spreadsheets!
  • MH$P resubscribe and post
  • Facebook sales post
  • Laundry (washing and putting away)
  • Dishes
  • Packing away the last of the winter clothes


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