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All of the fanfiction listed here can also be found at The Unforgotten Country over at Clicking on the name of the fandom will take you to the matching archive page on the website.

Stargate Atlantis
  • "That's supposed to be me?" (WIP)
  • Carson had to say it twice before John understood what he was saying. (Derivative Souls, WIP)
  • This is what he keeps, the one memory out of everything that's left behind, remnants of a life played out against a backdrop that still feels unreal. (Scorned And Covered With Scars)
  • Pegasus fairy tales don't wait for a happy ending to find true love. (Happily Ever After)
  • John and Teyla return from a trading mission... (WIP)
Stargate Atlantis
AU: Where the Ocean Meets the Sky
  • There's something inherently cruel about holidays that celebrate what you've lost, so one by one they've let them slip away, forgotten as the years roll by. (Matronales Feriae)
  • She had never expected to be happy. (Equivalent Exchange)
Stargate SG-1
  • Retirement means something different in the mountain. (In Stone)
  • Love was overrated; overrated, irritating, infectious, but possibly the best amusement value to be had for the least amount of effort. (Twelve Nights and One Day, WIP)
  • "Well?" Wilson waited just outside the doorway of the hospital room, looking as if he expected House to have found some sort of rational explanation for the medical impossibility that was harassing the nurses from the hospital bed. (Signs of Life, WIP)
  • "You," the fictive pointed his cane in the general direction of the Writer, "suck." (, Musefic)
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