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All of the fanfiction listed here can also be found at The Unforgotten Country over at Clicking on the name of the fandom will take you to the matching archive page on the website.

Stargate Atlantis
  • The problem was the people who wanted to go on one-way trips across the universe were rarely the people anyone else wanted tagging along. (Of Love and Lemons)
  • "White is the color of death," she said,/With a tsk in her voice and a tilt to her head. (Lost in Translation)
  • "...they got sick and everybody died. The End." (We All Fall Down)
  • "So this how'sit ends," John stared mournfully into an empty mug of what might have been rum. (Home Remedies, Old Wives Tales, and Possibly, Rum.)
  • Atlantis was like a giant Kindergarten; all it took was one member a gate team coming back sick and a week later the whole city was chugging chicken soup. (So Much for Diplomatic Immunity)
  • They were nightmares that weren't nightmares; disjointed flashes of blood-drenched corridors, loved ones he'd never seen before ripped apart from the inside and rebuilt... and the screams. (Cuckoo's Nest)
  • She is Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Briar Rose. (The City in the Sea)
  • On Massaru the traders all wore masks, simple wooden faces carved by hand. (Of Erceldoune)
Stargate Atlantis
AU: The Hungry Stars
  • It doesn't bother Ronon, being a legend, he's been one before and at least this time he isn't the shadow of death and loss and cold dark silences Wraith leave behind. (The Knight of Fires)
  • It's simple math; drawn in the dirt with a stick in a desperate bid to communicate with aliens who were actually aliens, but it isn't working and Rodney is this close to giving into the urge to scream at them until they hand John over. (The Knight of the Sea)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • He'd spent so many years living 'and then, suddenly' that 'happily ever after' felt wrong somehow. (Reverting to Form)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
AU: The Secret Lives of Superheroes
  • It was supposed to be 'happily ever after', only no one else had gotten the memo and Xander was stuck with just 'ever after'. (Grimm Futures)
  • He watched the mile markers spin by in hypnotic rhythm, running on too much caffeine, too little sleep, and the free-falling sensation of having left everything behind. (And Suddenly)
  • To his credit, it only took Xander three days to figure out the car was haunted. (Four Wheels and a Prayer)
  • He'd pleaded 'force of habit' afterwards, when Faith was not so gently mocking his knee-jerk response to midnight cries for help. (Instinct)
  • Five days spent aimlessly wandering into the heartlands. (Old Wounds and Time)
  • There was a certain irony in a possessed car that insisted magic was evil. (Same Song, Different Verse)

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