Apr. 1st, 2006

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All of the fanfiction listed here can also be found at The Unforgotten Country over at EverydayDragons.com. Clicking on the name of the fandom will take you to the matching archive page on the website.


  • It had been a long, hard, boring day of playing scribe at the diplomatic meetings and Meyla was ready for a long soak in one of the Vale's pools. (Feeling Blue)
  • Companions are not quite horses, set apart visually by deep blue eyes, pure white coats and hooves that chime in dulcet tones. (Of Covers and Books)

Harry Potter
  • It had all been a dream, a horrible dream. (Might-Have-Beens)
  • It was such an un-Snape-like thing to do that at first no one said anything at all... (Secret Admirer)
  • He'd come as soon as she had called, or owled rather. (Should-Have-Beens)


Stargate Atlantis/Pirates of the Caribbean
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Title: It Wasn't Luck
Length: Drabble, 100 words
Rating: PG
Source: StarGate Atlantis/Pirates of the Caribbean
Notes: Everyone has a talent... ^_~
Crossposted to: [livejournal.com profile] drabbles, [livejournal.com profile] _fanfics_

It wasn't luck. Sheppard had long ago ruled out luck, no matter how you twisted the definition. Accident prone was closer, but somehow the pirate always managed to come out the other end unscathed. The same could rarely be said for the rest of the team. Rodney had taken to calling him Captain Albatross and Teyla had flatly refused to let Jack join her on any more of the diplomatic missions. That left Sheppard and Ronon to deal with the dangerous talents of their temporary teammate. Oddly enough the trio fared rather well.

It wasn't luck, but it would do.

(read more at The Unforgotten Country: http://www.martha.net/unforgotten)

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