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I'm still not used to writing posts without pictures in them (Dw just won't format things right)... having a blog has spoiled me. Woe. :(

Anywho, it's been an odd sort of week. I hurt my lower back so I ended up burning/wasting a vacation day on Friday to take some time off... and it helped a lot. Both with my back and with my general brain state. So I supposed it wasn't really a wasted day anyways.

I've only been able to sit at a desk (writing or art) for short periods of time, but I have managed to get a lot done. The Fat Pony magnets that I'm doing as a donation to Big Orange Bash are done and should be out in the mail later this week (after I'm sure the sealer is dry). The body box donation resculpts are coming along quite nicely and I'm hoping to have proper primed pics for approval tomorrow-ish.

Hubby's one his last week of student teaching (Master's degree, incoming!) so I need to help clean the house for the 'thank goodness it's over' party this coming weekend.

Also, a potential new dog (corgi-lab mix) from a different rescue group is coming for a house visit sometime after that, so keep your fingers crossed.... Shiva really really needs a playmate. *sighs* The actual lab rescue has been rather unhelpful (mostly disorganized) so if we end up getting a lab/lab-mix from someone else I am just going to facepalm so hard.

I am behind on ALL the things (Camp NaNoWriMo, art, cleaning, yardwork, etc.) , but I'm still not able to admit it.

Being a grownup is hard and lo I am stubborn.

On that note, it's the first day of the next NerdFitness four week challenge and my self-assign Assassin-y task is to: Get Outside. So I'm going for a walk. *looks around for shoes*

Oh, and here's the photo! ;)

Date: 2017-04-25 01:53 am (UTC)
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Cute ponies are cute!

Yeah, adulating totally sucks.

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