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My knee/leg is only a slight bit achy and not at all bruised, so I survived the weekend faceplanting with some semblance of adulthood.

After which I promptly forgot about the write-in at the library, was KO'd by an allergy spike, and generally got very little grown-up'ing done. (I did get a good deal done on the Fat Pony magnets for the Big Orange Bash donation and a few thousand words on my Camp NaNoWriMo project, so yay!)

But I am getting art done and writing done and I've been giving some good pondering to what my next challenge should be over on NerdFitness. The past on was 'Do One Assassin-y Thing A Day' (for lo, I am in the Assassins Guild. For reasons.) and I didn't really do much. So I sort of want to try it again!

I also need to finish up my review of someone else's rough draft novel, so really I should sit down and work on that after dinner.

And then do prompts.

And, and, and... it's bright and sunny and slightly crisp and all I want to do is nap! ;) 
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