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I was working on cutting down wood for my idea on how to build the supports for the shelf on the fish gazebo when I tripped on the second step of the deck and fell. Hard.

I very very rarely fall (I think the last time I can remember doing it was over seven years ago) so I had forgotten how much it hurts to hit the deck on your knees (or just below) and palms of the hand.


And ow some more. (And maybe a little cursing and feeling sorry for myself.)

It looks like I mostly fell on my left leg (yay?) and there's a hand-sized bump that already swelling and starting to turn darkish. My knee itself feels fine, but the leg right under the knee not so much. I'm icing it and took some Advil, but I have a horrible feeling this is going to take more than a bit of rest to sort out. 

I came back in to sit down and get some writing or art done, since woodworking is a wash, but I can't sit at a chair. Bending the leg is ow.

So I'm propped up in bed because darnit I'm going to get words on the page if I can't make art.

And darnit, this better just be a 'wait it out bruise', I hate doctors. *sighs*
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