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I was going to sit down and cross-post the bits of the blog manually (since I can't find a good auto-cross-poster) and that got me thinking about what I was going to post and why.

I mean for Dreamwidth (which I keep writing as DreamWidth, because: habit, yo!) to be more of a personal journal where I can write things that are too long for Facebook and not really important enough for the 'real' blog. I've found that I really missed the 'conversations with my future self' vibe of the old LJ entries and I want to try and start that up again.

Besides, journaling is good for your brain. Science says so. *solemn nod* Well science-ish. I am pretty sure I can dig up a better citation than that, but I am lazy.

So what gets posted here? Do I copy over the Saturday Story Prompts or will that just confuse Google? Fan Fiction is obviously okay, since I don't care at all which location search results return... but what about all the molding and casting posts that make up most of my search traffic? Or the model horses and other artwork?

It all comes down to where I want search engines to direct people, I suppose. 

So I think this blog will get all of the conversations around the creation of things and the blog will get the end results. So this is my blog of rough drafts and failed experiments and LIFE goldarnit and the other one can be all polished and pretty. I can pretend I am a grownup better there. ;)
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